"I've Been Hit By A Truck" and One Of My Favorite Books

Gettin hit by a truck will take it out of you…

Yes, you read right, my husband Josh was HIT BY AN EIGHTEEN WHEELER!!! He was at work at the greenhouse a week ago and suddenly a stupid skank, you know the kind of person with more money than brains, was speeding (these morons usually go 40-50 mph in this PARKING lot, I use to work there and say someone was gonna get hit). They then hit the front end of the 18 wheeler Josh was, at the back of, unloading. And BAM! 18 wheeler's lift gate pinpoints all the force to my husband's torso. Well, Josh has been very sore but nothing is ruptured and he is badly brused. The dr said that if he didn't get the police report faxed to his office he never would have believed Josh got hit by a truck! He said most people wouldn't have walked away. Thank God for LARGE miracles!

Ok, now to the post of the day!
Today's Blog Hop Tuesday is about your favorite book. I chose a very useful book that Josh and I have just devoured and we both consider it a must have in any human's book collection!

You're walking down the street on your way back home from the company softball game. You have your bat resting on your shoulder when suddenly you hear a moan. No, not the kids-are-asleep-so-it's-mommy-daddy-time kind of moan, but the undead-is-very-hungry kind of moan (thanks to Mr. George A. Romero you know that sound). You turn slowly and smile as you realize there's another person walking home tonight too. Your smile fades as the person begins to "raise its arms, drop its jaw, unleash a hellish moan, and stumble directly toward you." It's a ZOMBIE!!!

Do you know what to do?

Well if you had "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks not only would you know what to do, but you'd know how to survive the outbreak with your loved ones (or other survivors who become loved ones as you fight for your lives). With myths and legends to debunk, weapon guides, information on how to tell a somnambulist (not a sleepwalker, but the undead) from a person under the influence of voodoo zombie powder, and a list of all recorded zombie attacks from 60,000 B.C. to 2002 A.D. this book is something every zombie nerd needs!

Be sure to check out "World War Z" (also by Max Brooks) for a glimpse on what a post-zombie world is like…

Mad Love!

P.S. If you don't read the Guide, the way to survive in my senario is to use your bat to bash in the zombie's skull and RUN! Keep an eye out for more ghouls and if you see a bicycle then take it! It's the best mode of anti-zombie transportation!

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Sounds like a very interesting book! I hope your husband is all right.

Valerie said...

Should've known you'd pick a zombie book. lol But really am glad Josh is ok!

Krafty Max Originals said...

Here are my favorite books.... When I was a little girl my father would sit on the couch with me in his lap and read two books to me, one was Where the Wild Things Are. Between these two books I learned how to read and how to face life. Between these pages and my dad's voice is my childhood.

The other book that was read to me and brings back memories is The Frog and the Toad. This book also keeps my mind and memories alive.

Clare said...

You are the first person I have seen that hasn't listed a kids book or a religious book.

Not only is it not a book on that stuff, but its about zombies. FANTASTIC.

Zombies are the best. And World War Z is totally on my Christmas list.

lv2scpbk said...

I don't think I need a Zombie book. I posted mine too.

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