Girls' Night Out with Down Stroke

Last night (6/11) was designated Girls Night Out. I needed it. Once you become a wife and a mom, you're off the hot chick scale. The same guys who would hollar and whistle when you walked by, now step out of the way and say, "Ma'am." So not cool! I'm still hot, right? I'm at a place in my life where I'm confident and I finally have myself figured out. That's what makes up a hottie! GNO was a chance to get back in touch with my inner hot chick who still has no responsibilities. Not that I don't love being a wife and a mother, but every now and again, a woman needs a night out with other like minded women to realize that she's not only a caregiver and problem solver!

When I plan a Girls' Night Out, I usually plan my outfit about a week in advance. This time, I threw my outfit together in just a couple of hours. I dug through every article of clothing I own and cobbled together 3 individual pieces to look as rockin as I could. One red tank, black satin corset and black velvet skirt later, TA-DAH! Pair it with my hot red stilettos (that you can read about here and FYI I carried the red clutch too!) and you've got one rock n roll look for a night of reliving my youth!

Then it was time to call the girls together! That's me, Svetlana and my cousin Annie (my friend Kristen went but left before we took this pic). Annie and I work together and people are always confusing us for each other. I think it's just because we're both Amazons!

Once we had our rolling crew set to go, we headed to the venue. Tonights debauchery was set to happen at Crush so we could see Down Stroke. They're a cover band based in Chattanooga, TN. They cover basically anything you could possibly want to hear. Each member is oozing with personality, and they always get the crowd involved with the show. Oh, plus they're total hotties. Combine fun eye candy with great music that everyone knows and you can't help but have a good time. This is Down Stroke.

(It's worth noting that they stripped down right before they sung my song, Pour Some Sugar On Me)

If you ever get the chance to see these guys perform DO IT! I've been twice and can't wait to see them a third time. Find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter ( @Down_Stroke ) for information on where they are headed. If you love to rock, have fun, dirty toasts, half nakedness and an all around good time, Down Stroke is the band for you! (Maybe the next time I see them, I'll actually remember to buy one of their shirts with "Stroke Me!" on it!)

We danced, sang along and even assaulted a cop! Ok, well Annie accidentally touched an off duty cop with the hot rock of her cigarette while she was dancing and he said he was cool with it but "assaulted a cop" sounds much more mischievous! There was a group of 30+yo chicks who were trying way too hard to get attention by pushing us out of the way to get closer to the stage (um, hello! 75% of the band are in committed relationships and these girls were UGLY, so it's doubtful they could persuade any of the guys into cheating). They were acting like 20yo groupies who think they own the area in front of the stage. Not cool. But Annie & I are 90 feet tall and pretty intimidating, so they backed off and just stood behind mean muggin & bad mouthing us. (Annie was close enough to hear a couple of insults about our height and dancing, but it was more funny than insulting)

I felt like a sorority girl again. Back to the days when the biggest problem was a wardrobe malfunction. As fun as it was, I could tell my body is no longer cut out for long term partying. In college, Thursday - Sunday would be filled with bands, clubs (sometimes 2 or more in a night), dancing and drinking. Now that I'm an old married woman (sure I'm only 26, but I'm a long way from the 21yo chick I use to be!), I KNOW I can't do that every night any more. Just one night of music, dancing and one club, I am worn out! One thing I found strange though, I had more fun in one night out as an adult, than I ever had in a whole weekend as a college girl. It's like since I don't have the pressure of "meeting a guy" hanging over me, I can really cut loose and have fun. (Just for fun, I decided to add a pic of me at 21. Enjoy!)

Just being able to get in touch with my inner girl was amazing. More fun than you could imagine. But not something I could do more than once a month. (Maybe Down Stroke comes to Birmingham once a month & they could be our regular GNO entertainment! Guess I'll have to watch the calendar!)

I just want all the men to remember, while it's totally not cool to hit on a chick when she's out with her husband and/or kids, don't be ashamed to tell her if you think she's a hottie when she's with her girls, even if she is wearing a wedding band. You'll probably make her smile for a while. I can hear my husband tell me 1,000 times a day how amazing he thinks I look, and I love him for it, but hearing it from someone who isn't required to be nice to me really makes it ring more true. Just because we're taken doesn't mean we don't still like being cat called!

Mad Love!

Disclaimer: Down Stroke did not in any way, shape, or form, ask me to write this or gave me any compensation to write this. I took all photos with my own iPhone 4 (except for me at 21, that was taken by my friend Carmen with my first camera phone). Please don't sue, I'm broke anyways. I just wanted to share my amazing night seeing a wonderful band with Bloggywood! While I was not offered anything to write this, I will be more than happy to receive any swag you may want to send my way.

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.

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