The Sauciest Group on the Web!

I know a group of ladies and gentlemen who are just dripping with awesomesauce. They are Certified Rad and just the bomb diggity. Want to know who I'm talking about? Why, it's Dixon's Vixens, of course!

We're a group of crossbow slingin, squirrel huntin, zombie killin, very talented ladies & fellers who just love the Dixon brothers! (For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Dixon brothers refer to Daryl and Merle Dixon from AMC's The Walking Dead)

Now, maybe I'm just partial, but I think the Vixens and Mixens (male members of the group) are the hottest thing since sliced bread! I've been there since the beginning, and I must say, I am BLOWN AWAY by how much we have accomplished!

Dixon's Vixens are more than just a bunch of people tweeting, posting and gushing about a couple of guys on a tv show. We are a close knit family of women and men who get together to discuss our favorite show, favorite actors, support charities, share information, and spread Vixen Love all over the place.

Ok, let's say you really were living under that rock for the last year, and you have no earthly idea who the Dixons are.

Meet Daryl Dixon,

I could fill up post after post explaining why I love this guy, but I already did that. Don't be lazy, go read it here. I'll wait… you back now? Daryl just gets to me! Naturally, we're all huge Norman Reedus fans (you can read what I think about him here.)

Here's his brother Merle:

Merle is classic. He is your average racist, vulgar, hard Southern man. Just rough as sandpaper and mean as a hornet. You can find him in a bar all weekend long and working hard all week. Every Southern family has a Merle. You just know before the apocalypse, he had a family, he drank too much, listened to a lot of Skynyrd, and always had a good time until he got pissed off. Merle actually reminds me of my daddy. He's a total redneck. Plus how can you not love Michael Rooker? He has fans across generations (even my grandma likes him). My favorite roles were Grant Grant in Slither and Henry. Oh, and he's a Bama boy and it's nice to see a fellow Alabamian be so talented!

Vixens stand for respect of The Reedus, The Rooker, each other and others. We follow a code that each member must agree with. We are always having discussions on what we want to do next and voting on special projects. We strive to be ladies and gentlemen, because we don't just represent ourselves, we represent each other.

The Vixens also stand for charity.

June has us campaigning for the Red Cross. All Dixon's Vixens have been tweeting that anyone can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10. It will be added to the texter's cell phone bill. Also if anyone cannot donate money, donating blood is a wonderful substitute.

We also do local events. Vixens have been spotted at the Relay for Life. Three of us attended the cancer awareness walk and even had luminaria bags for Vixen love ones. Here they are all lit up.

Vixens are social creatures.

We love to congregate at conventions. Recently a good many Vixens took over Philadelphia. The pictures were amazing! I couldn't go (boo work, boo school), but all the girls that went tweeted & updated all of us stuck at home. That's Vixen Love right there!!!

(Side Note: There is a slim possibility that I may be going to Chicago Comic Con for the Honeymoon Josh & I never had. It all depends on fundage!)

We have a few really awesome Mixens. These are no mere men. These are the few non Dixon men who have managed to breach our ranks. And we totally love them for it.

First, there's Dead Dave and Lee from Dead Dave's Radio.

If you've never heard a Dead Dave's show, I'm a little offended. They have wonderful interviews and are a perfect venue for the fans to talk to their favorite stars. (Thanks to them, I got to speak to Norman Reedus!) Check out their site ASAP! These guys have been lining up some big interviews. You will not be disappointed! Both Dave and Lee are oh so awesome!

Next, we have Johnny from The Walking Dead TV Podcast

One of my favorite things to do when the kids are asleep, is to watch The Walking Dead on DVD while listening to The Walking Dead TV Podcast. It always makes me giggle especially since Johnny is one of our beloved men. And for the other guys involved in the podcast: Yes, we do stop listening when Daryl comes on screen. Those sleeveless shirts are total arm porn for us. (Please check these guys out too. Once again they have the Summer Seal of Approval and I promise you'll love them!)

Both Dead Dave's Radio and The Walking Dead TV Podcast have been kind enough to throw some Mixen Love back at all us Vixens with shout outs on their shows. I want to thank them with all my heart! I think I speak for all Vixens when I say, that really means a lot to us!

Dixon's Vixens is my little escape. When I'm feeling a little rundown or just stressed, I can pop in to our group and instantly get high on Vixen Love. This is an amazing group of people that have bonded into a family from just a little fan club. It warms my heart to see how we have grown. We went from a few women tweeting to a large group that has spread world wide. I've got Mad Vixen Love for every single Vixen and Mixen!

Disclaimer: Dixon's Vixens, Dead Dave's Radio, The Walking Dead TV Podcast, The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, the Chicago Comic Con and/or the city of Philidelphia did not in any way, shape, or form, ask me to write this or gave me any compensation to write this. I jacked all images from Dixon's Vixens, Dead Dave's Radio or The Walking Dead TV Podcast. Please don't sue, I'm broke anyways. I just wanted to share an absolutely amazing group with Bloggywood! While I was not offered anything to write this, I will be more than happy to receive any swag you may want to send my way.

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.

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karina said...

Such a great post.

I've never been involved with anything as huge as the Vixen before so I really should be thanking everyone for letting me be a part of it a lot more often!

K :-)

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