Daryl BOOM Day!

It's that time of year again, folks!

On my oldest son's fourth birthday, my favorite show comes back. When the kids pass out from the exciting birthday party we're throwing, Mommy gets some special time with her favorite survivors!

From the first time we see Rick and Shane talking about the evil energy draining ways of my sex, to the last moment of driving away from an exploded CDC, I have loved this show. Everything about it is just powerful. It is nothing short of amazing.

My favorite moment of Season One will always be when Amy died and Andrea was basically cuddling her. No moment in television ever has had me as emotional as that one. I was literally screaming at the tv “Why the hell she cuddlin a zombie? Bitch, you gonna get ate! Shoot her in the fuckin head!” My heart was racing, my nerves were jacked and my palms were sweaty until she finally shot her. Then, I cried as hard as if it was my own sister. Such a powerful moment. (BTW, when I entered The Zombie Survival Crew's contest, I had to make that comment PG. Rest assure, when I was watching it, my mouth was as foul as ever. And, yes, I still scream at the tv every time I watch it on DVD.)

I expect more moments like the above from Season Two. What I'm most excited about in S2 is the Daryl Dixon back story/episode. I'm really anxious to see if it's comparable to the many FanFics out there that have all speculated about Daryl and Merle's lives before the outbreak.

In an article for The Los Angeles Times, Norman Reedus had a laugh telling them “I’m trying to play Daryl like he’s a virgin. Like if you try to kiss him, he’s like, ‘Ew.’ He just hasn’t gone there.”

We all know how much I Respect the Reedus (I blogged your faces off about that here and here), but I must disagree with Norman on this point. He may be trying to play Daryl as a virgin, but I don't see it. Daryl has swagger. He's just sexy. Maybe I see it because I've grown up in the Deep South and the country boy is my ideal man. I can promise you, any redneck who looks like that with those amazing provider skills has no chance of making it to his forties and still being a virgin. Unless Daryl has spent his life pushing away women like me, he's gotten some tail!

In the same LA Times article, Norman says, “He’s kind of like a little kid. He’s sort of emotionally damaged. ... He needs a hug, but if you hug him he’ll probably try to stab you. It’s interesting. Daryl is definitely becoming more of an integral part of the group. We see some of Daryl’s back story, which is interesting; you see Daryl form alliances with certain people, get along with certain people that you wouldn’t expect."

I completely agree with Reedus here. From the moment he realized Merle was gone, I've loved Daryl. He has that hurt side that melts even my cynical heart. I may be cold blooded, but Daryl makes me want to cry. I think he lost his parents at a young age. Maybe mom died and dad ran off, leaving Merle to play daddy. He's never been able to trust anyone, so he puts up a huge front. He's spent most of his adult life tending to Merle and making sure that Merle's drug problem didn't kill one of them or even both. I just know that once you get to know him, he's a sweet soul that is screaming for someone to love him. I can see him and T Dog becoming friends because they're now both alone in the world. One missing a brother, the other a mother. We all know misery loves company.

I have to admit, there is one other man in The Walking Dead cast that I have a soft spot for: Shane. My heart hurts for him. Maybe it's because I saw him go crazy in the comic, but seeing it brought to life, draws me in. Shane accidentally fell in love with his best friend's wife, after just trying to do what Rick would have asked him to do. If he could have spoken while in the hospital, I know he would have told Shane to get Lori and Carl and protect them. Rick and Shane have a bromance that I adore, but that also hurts. I know at any moment all the skeletons in the closet will come flying out to an unsuspecting Rick. Seeing Shane lose his grip on sanity shows us that living in the land of the walkers can make even good men snap.

(I hate to bring up Shane's pants, but THANK GOD they got him in to some good fitting pants. Jon Bernthal has a very yummy torso and I'm so upset it was hiding under those pants from the 1940's! Looking good Shane!)

We're just a few days away from the premier of Season 2, so here is what I want to see happen:


• We find out Andrea and Dale are lovers
• Daryl and T Dog form a friendship
• Lori is pregnant, baby is born at the end of the season and we don't know if it's Rick or Shane's
• Shane attempts to leave the group, but Rick begs him to stay. Out of brother like love, he stays.
• The survivors from the farm throw up major problems and they really do have the barn full of geeks.
• Carl gets shot, but survives and let's every one know how cool he thinks it was.
• Daryl finds Merle. Merle stirs up a shit storm and makes Daryl feel guilty about bonding with the other survivors. I want Daryl to cry, because that would totally make me cry.
• Glenn gets laid. I mean straight up sex scene. Make Lori and Shane look like amateurs. (And no, I don't want to see Glenn is in to necrophilia.)

Feel free to leave comments about how this show has made you feel, your favorite scene, what you want to see happen, or even what you thought of my thoughts!

Just to prove how much I think of Daryl and The Walking Dead, I leave you with a photo. We had a family beach trip with Josh's family. I got some alone time to tan on the beach. Instead I sculpted a squirrel and a crossbow in the sand.

Disclaimer: No person, thing, book, show, movie or zombie mentioned in this post in any way, shape, or form, asked me to write this or gave me any compensation to write this. I jacked all images from Google image search, Twitter or myself and just assumed they fell under the Public Domain Usage thingy. Please don't sue, I'm broke anyways. I just wanted to share my Walking Dead obsession with Bloggywood! While I was not offered anything to write this, I will be more than happy to receive any swag you may want to send my way.

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.


That Went Well said...
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zombiebronwyn said...

Girlfriend, I love you so much! First,for the Daryl thing, since we both obviously share the same filthy love of Norman Reedus, but secondly for Shane. No one seems to see that his chance AT LAST to be the leader was going well. He was civilized, kind, courageous. Sheriff Rick coming in and taking back everything from his wife to the"I'm in charge here" vibe just crushed the poor man. You rule!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post about, Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Cant wait and see what happens. Daryl is a bad ass character. I def agree that more emotion will happen this season. Just cant wait to see, who it happens to.

Duachais Seneschais said...

I almost got crazy when I read that will be some Daryl's background in the show. I came here intending to tell you, but you already now! ahsuahsauhsuahsuah Of course! I almost freaked out! That is SOOOOOO MUCH Daryl in this episode. Amazing!
I completely agree with you. That is NO way to Daryl be a virgin... Come on! He is just too sexy (can't Norman see how handsome HE is? Hahaha) to be left alone by chicks... And there where nobody he was atracted for (and surely was atracted for him)?
I like the TV serie Shane, very much. Don't really like comic Shane, but John Bernathal gave so much emotion to him. the battle inside his mind and heart: he loves Rick as a brother, but loves his wife and son, loves what Rick can have and thinks that he would never have that (in that world? comprehensible...).

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