How about I Lose It?

I was contemplating what to write about, when I decided that the world needs to know about my weight loss journey.

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My weight has never been a problem for me before I met my husband. When I was a child, I was called String-Bean, Stick, and Twig because I was impossibly skinny and tall. I was even referred to as Ethiopian because I looked like I was "starving to death". My mom even once commented on how it looked like someone tied knots in my legs to make knees. Up until I was 17 (when I met my husband), I was 135lbs. At 5'10", that's very thin. I was active in colorguard and winterguard, and we had several exercises we did on a daily basis (not to mention "Hell Week" during Christmas vacation that involved 13 hr practices). Needless to say, I could eat what ever I wanted because I was so active. Here's a few winterguard pics to give you an idea of what it's like:

My Senior year (I'm front right)

My first year (sophomore year, I believe) doing my dance solo.

Once high school ended, guard ended too. I also became very involved with my boyfriend (who is now the hubs). I learned the hard way, when you're happy and in a serious relationship (not to mention not exercising) you tend to pack on weight. Momma calls this "nesting". It goes back to our caveman days where when you found your spouse, you put on weight to prepare for having kids, or something like that.
Well, all through college I fluctuated between 140 & 150lbs. I was completely unhappy because I had forever lost my 4 pack that I had earned through guard.

Me with my four pack (bad pic but you get the idea)

Me (on the left) at my biggest in college

Well, once you have kids, it's even harder to lose the weight. I hated my body! I lamented not being thin and even resorted to calling myself names when I looked in the mirror.

Here I am with my "Silly Bear" Ray and the baby weight from him.

Once I popped out my 2nd child (Bruce, or Batman as we sometime call him), I was determined to get back to the body I knew I wanted! I did not want to stay at the 160lbs that my lovely children had left me with. But, it's almost impossible to exercise with two kids under 3, and I refuse to diet. "Diet" is just "Die" with a "t" on the end! Plus I'm not giving up tacos, pasta and my other comfort foods! I believe everything food wise is ok in moderation. I've always heard calorie counting works, but I didn't want to write everything down and do all that math.
While cruising around in the iPhone app store, I found a wonderful app that counts calories for you! You just touch the food you eat and the exercising you do, and the app does all the math! It's called "Lose It!"

This app is super easy to use! Here's some screen shots:

Obviously, it's working because I've gone from 160lbs down to 139lbs! Only 4 more to go and I'm back at my pre-hubs weight! So, yes, I'm tooting my own horn! I'm extremely proud of myself. Who knows? Maybe I can get my 4 pack back one day…
One last picture: here's me, (this year) at zumba with my aunts and my mom.

Disclaimer: Lose It! in no way, shape, or form, asked me to write this or gave me any compensation to write this. I just wanted to share what worked for me with Bloggywood!

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!

Christian Mommy Writer said...


I love checking out apps and this might be worth looking into! I have a few pounds that I want to shed that are stubborn as I don't know what.

Anonymous said...

I hope you meet your goal! Sounds like a great app. I'm forever trying to lose weight, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)

Mark said...

Wow, great job on the weight loss. I started using the app this week. It's almost fun counting calories now.

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