What I hate the most about being a homemaker.

When I was little, this was who I wanted to be when I grew up:

The happy little homemaker who loved nothing more than taking care of the kids, maintaining the house, and doing the dishes. I always knew I wanted to get married, have babies, and stay home with them.

My mom was a working, single parent, so I wanted to be a stay at home mom. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a single working mother. My mom has a strength about her that amazes me to this very day. She made it to every PTA meeting, was the sponsor for my cheerleading squad, took me to school every morning, was a chaperone on nearly every class field trip, would come up to the school when I wanted her to eat lunch with me or bring cupcakes for the class for my birthday, made me outfits or Halloween costumes, bought me everything I ever wanted (I had the first computer out of all my friends AND was the first one to get contacts), she signed me up for every class I wanted to take (cheernastics, acting, music, dance, art, etc) she took me on picnics, we went to museums, she was at every color/winterguard performance, and she still worked 40 plus hours a week. My mom is Supermom.

(Mom, I know you're reading this, so I love you and thank you for spoiling me!)

Now, even growing up knowing a mom can do all those things, I still wanted to be a stay at home mom. I'm talking full on Stepford Wife!

Now, that I do have my dream come true about being a stay at home mom, I've learned a thing or two about that whole Stepford Wife ideal, it's pure BULL SHIT! I don't wake up fresh as a daisy an hour before my husband and kids (so they don't have to see me looking anything but my best), put on some nice dress and full make up just so I can do the house work! Hell, I consider it a good day, if I find the time and energy to change out of my pajamas!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a stay at home mom. Being able to spend every waking moment with my children is AMAZING! We have so much fun singing and playing. I love knowing that I can stay at home all day and not have to deal with some asshole getting mad at me because they want to be able to keep an outside plant that needs lots of natural sun, inside with no light what so ever. I get to spend every moment with the people who truly matter to me.

But this is a sight NEVER seen in our home:

In fact, it looks more like this:

What do I hate the most about being a homemaker?
DISHES! I absolutely HATE, with every fiber of my being, washing dishes. Yes, we have a dish washer. Does that lessen my distain for loading and unloading it, pre-rinsing, and only having to wash a few "not dishwasher safe" items? NO!!! I STILL HATE DOING DISHES!!! Dishes are like laundry, no matter how many times you do them, the moment you have an empty sink (or clothes basket), someone else throws more in there!

It doesn't matter if they have been in the sink one day or one month, I will still try to con my hubby into doing the dishes for me. I'll make excuses, whine, pretend to forget; you name it, I've tried it.

God bless him, I have such a good man, that it usually works! Josh works 8 hours a day in the sun at a greenhouse dealing with people who have more money than sense. (I know these people have more money than sense because I use to work there myself, you might say I brought in my own replacement when I got Josh to start working there. The coworkers and the environment are wonderful, but about 40% of the customers are HORRIBLE). After he spends those 8 hours sweating, carrying heavy plants, and dealing with grumpy old money old ladies, he comes home and, if I ask just right, does the dishes. What can I say, I'm spoiled!

Dishes are the pain in my neck, the fly in my ointment, the boil on my ass! There is only one reason that I do them. That reason is: I…

I wish I could say I'd finally be happy when they invent a dishwasher that loads itself, but I'm sure I'll find something else to bitch about!

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.


Lesley said...

I'm so right there with you.....Happy SITS day

Barb said...

Interesting how people want different things. I didn't even know if I wanted kids until many years after I was married. The thought of being Suzy Homemaker never really appealed to me until I'd been in the corporate rat race for about 15 years, and then it sounded much more appealing. Now I have found somewhat of a happy medium. BTW, I hate folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

I hated doing dishes too! That's why as soon as they could reach, my kids started doing them! I haven't had to do dishes maybe a dozen times over the past 10 years, but now the kids are growing up and moving away, dang it! That means I'll have to start doing them again! Well,of course, there is always plastic and styrofoam! I know, I know, bad for the environment, but so is my bad attitude, for OUR environment anyway!

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