October Needs To Hurry!

It's that time of year again folks! After a mid season split that nearly killed us all and then this season leaving us with several unexpected deaths, my nerves are jacked! I'm jumping in this post with both feet. Bare with me and I'll take you back through the journey & reward you with new predictions! Ready?

I'll do like I did in The Walking Dead 2.5 and discuss the show a little before the predictions. We've got a lot of ground to cover. We lost seven players this half season. Little Sophia's death started off a shit storm we never saw coming.

First, in a move that just crushed me as a comic fan, we lost our beloved Dale. I wanted so badly to see him and Andrea as lovers. I needed to see him lose the lower part of his leg at the prison. Gone is his honest advice, his deep insight and his ability to read people. Dale, you and your bucket hat will be missed more than you can imagine. Kudos to Jeffery DeMunn. He brought Dale to life and completely did not disappoint from the image I had from the comics.

Next, we lost Randall. I cheered when it happened. From the moment he was impaled on that fence, I hoped for Randall's death. I actually lost some long time followers on Twitter because of my Randall hate. I have never been more happy to see a character die. I actually yelled at my television, "Bout time! Least Shane has the balls to take the kid out!" I'm convinced he came from Woodbury. He was a manipulative little shit who participated in the gang rape those girls in front of their father. The way he said "real young, real cute" made my skin crawl. His actions screamed that he not only helped rape those girls, but that he enjoyed reliving it when he was telling Daryl about it. Excellent acting by Michael Zegen. It's not often someone makes me completely hate their character. That takes real talent!

The third death actually made me cry, even though I predicted it in my mid season post. Shane. I love Jon Bernthal. Meeting him at Dragon Con was a part of the best day in fandom ever. I said "Shane is an amazing, tortured, love sick character." Reading his heartbreak in the graphic novel (it is hinted there that he starts to go insane) and seeing his unraveling on the show really made me fall for Shane. Him and Rick had a true bromance. (I love Lori, but I completely blame her for his death and insanity.) As Rick yelled at Shane when he stabbed him, something in Shane's eyes changed. Like he realized he was wrong for basically forcing Rick to kill him. I felt he realized how much Rick loves him and how much he loves Rick. (Only hours after I first posted The Walking Dead 2.5, it was announced on Twitter that Bernthal would be on Frank Darabont's new project L.A. Noir. That, along with something Bernthal said to Spike and I at Dragon Con immediately told me that Shane wouldn't live to see Season Three.)

Our next loss was young Jimmy. I would have loved to seen more interaction with him. After James Allen McCune was introduced at The Walking Dead Dragon Con panel Spike and I attended, seeing the way Jimmy jumped at the chance to help Rick, and chatting with James on Twitter, I had really hoped he would live longer on the show. He's a really charming, nice and entertaining guy. I know he'll go far in the industry. I saw on The Talking Dead that his biggest fear is the same as mine, being eaten alive. I need to remember to ask James if filming Jimmy's death got "too real" at any point. (Yeah, uh, if you're reading this, have a Twitter and don't follow him, you kinda need to go do that. Click on his name, it's a link to his account.)

At the same time as Jimmy's death, we lost Dale's RV. This actually hurt me as much as Dale's death. The RV is a HUGE part of the comics and it was a necessity. I just don't see how they can be safe without it. It makes me sad to think of Season Three being RV free.

Patricia was the sixth causality of the end of season two. Once again, a highly under used character. She was great as Hershel's nurse and Jane McNiell made me cry at Otis's funeral when Patricia essentially begged to hear Otis's final moments. I'm glad Shane spared her the great pain of knowing Otis was left for dead. Thinking Otis went out a hero helped her towards the healing path. I don't care if Shane told the story for selfish reasons, it was still a good thing for Patricia.

Our final death was Greene farm. Their much needed safe haven was over run in an incredibly quick manner. Glen Mazzara, an executive producer for TWD, has been on Twitter answering questions and responding to fans. (I was lucky enough to not only get a couple of responses but he also seemed to like my theory on why the mid season split happened.) Mazzara has said that they are "done" with the farm. This makes me unhappy. I would love if, once they got established at the prison, they went back to the farm for farming tools and supplies for the house to take back to the prison to build their life there.

Any of these deaths make you cry or scream at the tv? I totally did. The second half of Season Two was a surprising, adrenalin filled roller coaster that took us from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. The Walking Dead has the most incredible writers in the television or film industry.

I want to take a moment to cheer for Lori for earning her ovaries with her first walker kill. She may have made some stupid decisions, but I totally back her and understand these choices. I love Lori even though I blame her for Shane's destruction. I only have one issue with her: LORI, WATCH YOUR DAMN KID! In the comics, Carl nearly never left her side. When she did have to step away from him, another responsible adult was watching him. Carl is a kid. He needs to be watched. I would love to see Lori on the show become the caring mother that she is in the comics.

Since we finished going over the important deaths and my Lori love/hate, it is now time to go through my predictions from my mid season post. I was right a lot again. I promise I have no one on the inside of the show feeding me information. I'm making my predictions off of what I've seen in the show and/or read in the comics.

• A lot more Daryl screen time. Daryl is a personal favorite of Robert Kirkman, and he is, arguably, everyone's favorite character on the show. Some people think he'll die at the end of the season, but I think AMC wants to keep Reedus on the show because he is instant money. He may not be the star of the show, but you do not kill off everyone's favorite if you want to keep the money flowing in. Plus, they're probably scared of rabid fangirls, too.
Yeah, this one speaks for itself. Daryl looks like he has a pretty secure role in this show. There are lots of people who have said they would stop watching if Daryl dies, and it would be ratings suicide to piss off such a wide demographic. I hate that people have said they would abandon such an amazing show over something as petty as a character death, but as I said, rabid fangirls are scary. I know while I would miss Daryl, I would watch the show regardless. (Just want to say, it is SUPER sexy that Daryl makes his own crossbow bolts. Is there anything that man can't do?)

• Shane talks about leaving again.
Yeah, well he did, before he was killed.

• If Hershel doesn't kick them off the farm, they leave on their own free will, and find the prison on the way to Fort Benning.
Hershel didn't kick them off, they didn't leave of their own free will, and they're not heading to Fort Benning, but they did leave and we did see the prison in the distance, so there's a half win.

• Hershel catches Maggie and Glenn or Glenn goes to Hershel & asks him for his approval on their relationship, because Glenn loves Maggie.
He didn't catch Glenn and Maggie in the deed, Glenn didn't ask for it, but Hershel did give his approval of Glenn so I'm counting that as another partial win.

• Daryl straddles the fence of sanity and insanity, but Carol helps him through it, while trying to not go crazy with depression or killing herself. Shane will completely snap & go super crazy.
Ok, here's another one where I was right, to a point.
Daryl was starting to lose it before he realized how much the group needs him. He stepped up to ease Dale's suffering. He is becoming Rick's right hand man and I love their budding partnership. I cannot wait to see how their relationship grows and gets put to the test when Merle comes back.
Carol is slipping into insanity. She's getting homicidal like Norman Reedus said to MTV. I want Carol to heal with Daryl or kill herself. I think she's regretting that she and Sophia didn't stay at the CDC now that she knows everyone is already infected and there really is no hope of not becoming a walker. Sophia could have died safe and sound in her mother's arms in a completely painless, quick way, but instead she suffered and died alone in the woods before reanimating. This thought HAS to be eating at Carol. If I were Carol, I would be going insane thinking I could have prevented my baby's suffering. I'm just glad Randall's group didn't find Sophia before she got bit.
Shane went completely bonkers because of Lori's mixed messages. Lori may have thought she was clearing the air, but she just made it a lot cloudier.

•Michonne comes in. I love her, she's easily one of the best characters in the comics. Bitch is hard core!
YEAH! WE GOT MICHONNE! As you can tell, I'm excited about her. Under Rick, she is my favorite comic character. I CANNOT WAIT to see what they do with her. Those walkers are her boyfriend and his best friend. She was a mother to two girls and lawyer who fenced in college. She got her katana from her neighbor's kid who had an affinity for blades. He was also probably the same asshole who killed her family's cat. She talks to her dead boyfriend as a coping mechanism, but based off of what happened to the Governor in the graphic novel, I think she also talks to God. There is nothing to support this theory in the first compendium, it's just my personal theory.

(P.S. A little part of me is upset that Tracie Thoms will not be Michonne. Since I read the comics, she has been the one person that came to mind when I thought of Michonne. Can't always get what you want, right? I just hope that Danai Gurira does the character justice. So far, the casting department hasn't let me down, so they'll probably be right in this choice. But still! Doesn't Tracie just scream "Michonne"?)

• A major character dies at the season finale. My money is on Shane.
I was right, Shane did die. I would have never believed they would kill off as many important characters/elements as they did, but they did. Sometimes, I don't like being right.

After a never ending list of eulogies and seeing which of my predictions came true, now is time to make my new predictions. You're going to see a couple that I've had in some of my older posts, so get ready!

• We find out Andrea and Dale were lovers. Yes, I'm still predicting this will get said. I want Andrea to express guilt over what happened to Dale because they were lovers and she betrayed him.
• Daryl and T Dog form a friendship, because that would piss off Merle, and because T DOG NEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME! As the longest surviving black man in any horror thing ever, I want to see T Dog used more! IronE Singleton seems like an awesome guy and I would love to see what he can do as T Dog. Him and Daryl had nice chemistry in their scenes and I want more!
• A lot more Daryl screen time. With his role as an enforcer, his knowledge of all things survival and his MANY skills, Daryl is a supreme specimen of man. I know they're going to discuss his many scars and his abusive childhood. (I touched on Merle & Daryl's horrible past in Them Dixon Boys and I would love to see how close I was on that one.)
• Rick continues to get darker. He's got a real dark side in the comics and so far, they're bringing that to the show in the best way. I love Andrew Lincoln and WISH he had a Twitter so he could interact with us fans.
• The prison is every bit of what it is in the comics. I mean I want EXACTLY the prison in the comics, complete with the surviving prisoners who barricaded themselves in the lunch room/kitchen to survive. (Plus, I want our survivors to discuss how nasty that freezer is.)
• Daryl finds Merle. Merle stirs up a shit storm and makes Daryl feel guilty about bonding with the other survivors. I want Daryl to cry, because that would totally make me cry. (Yes, this is the same prediction word for word because I WANT ME SOME MO MERLE!)
Once again, word for word because MO MERLE, but I have a way I want him to appear. People have said they think he's at the prison, but I think that's too easy and lazy writing. He needs to be in Woodbury. We know the Governor, Phillip Blake will be played by David Morrissey and he's definitely in Season Three. I believe the Governor's men (Hopefully, it's Martinez who finds Merle because I love him in the comics.) find Merle and take him back to Woodbury to either become a part of the town or a part of their "entertainment."
• Lori goes into labor at the end of Season Three. I don't want to have her have the baby until the beginning of Season Four, because I want to see her pregnant ass waddling around that prison in an orange jumpsuit with her belly hanging out. Then, she can die in Season Four.
• Carol and Daryl start a relationship or she kills herself. I would love to see either of these happen. If they start a relationship: YAY! Let the healing begin! If she kills herself, then I want it to be the EXACT same way it happens in the comics and I want Daryl and Michonne to be together to piss off Merle. (Although, I have a feeling there will be a relationship between T Dog and Michonne, like there was between Tyrese and Michonne.)
• They see the helicopter that Rick saw in Atlanta, and it crashes near the prison. This makes them get out the riot gear to rescue the helicopter's occupants. They find the wreckage and footprints that lead them to Woodbury. This will lead to the EPICNESS that is Woodbury and the warped man that we know a the Governor. (And yes, that is pretty much EXACTLY what happens in the graphic novel.)
•(POST PUBLISHING EDIT!) After posting this, I discovered they have plans to add Tyrese eventually. If he's not exactly like he is in the comics, I'll cry. I also want him & Michonne together, purely because I like the way she seduced him and the way they talked football.
•Rick will give a moving speech at the prison that ends with him screaming "We are the walking dead!" This would totally give me a fangirl moment!

Well, there you have it. My predictions for Season Three have been made. I cannot wrap my mind around how fast time flew in Season Two! We just got started and BAM! a break, then BOOM! season finale and it's over

I'm not looking forward to this Summer and I have no clue how Spike and I will spend our Sundays until October. The Walking Dead is one hundred percent the best show on television and definitely the most addictive. It is my drug and I don't want to go to rehab for it. My Walking Dead Withdrawals have already started and it hasn't even been a week since the finale. Luckily, the second compendium is due to come out this June, so I can catch up on the comics. (Psssssssst! Rumor has it, our beloved Dixon boys will be included in the new story arc that pretty much starts where the second compendium will leave off.)

Feel free to leave your own predictions or comments below or send me some love on Twitter. I'm known for being unapologetic about being an attention whore, so I love it when I get comments here or mentions on Twitter. I really hope TWD's off season flies by. I can't wait to spend more time with our favorite survivors.

Disclaimer: No person, thing, book, show, movie, character, or zombie mentioned in this post in any way, shape, or form, asked me to write this or gave me any compensation to write this. I jacked all images from Google image search or Twitter and just assumed they fell under the Public Domain Usage thingy. Please don't sue, I'm broke anyways. I just wanted to share my Walking Dead obsession with Bloggywood! While I was not offered anything to write this, I will be more than happy to receive any swag you may want to send my way.

- Whether you love me or hate me, you know who I am.

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Fantastic post, I really enjoyed reading your predictions, and I must say, I agree with all of your thoughts. I simply cannot wait until season 3, I really wish I could just go into hibernation until October (is that maybe a bit too sad?) Like you said, season 2 was over so quickly, I just hope season 3 can come around just as quick!

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