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As always, it felt like this day would never get here. The time away from the walkers has been spent agonizing over where the survivors might regroup, how they're taking the deaths they've suffered and if they would ever be a family again. Like many of you, I feared I wouldn't survive yet another mid season break, but here I am, trying to finish writing this before I get back on twitter and try to keep from having the bird jail me because The Walking Dead is back.

Let me first go on record (again) as saying, yes I had dreaded this season. I'm STILL pissed that they made the awful decision to kill Andrea. What's next? Killing Rick? Her's was an unnecessary death. Andrea is amazing in the graphic novel and since the incredible Laurie Holden was playing her, I just knew we would have our beloved and strong Andrea kicking ass and taking names. Instead they made her a weak willed floozie who can't function unless she has a man. Their poor writing cost us an amazing character and cut a real talent from the show. For this, I will never truly forgive the writers who had a hand in the destruction of Andrea. (I accepted that Merle had to die, but I'm still not happy he's gone either.)

But, I will say, the first half of season four has given me major hope. This is the first time in forever that the storyline has felt so real. The bit with the flu? Simply genius. Not only has history taught us how deadly viruses can be, but utilizing a virus the way the show did gives a huge chunk of realism to this fictional existence. Anytime an immune system is distracted by an illness (such as the zombie virus) and there is limited or no access to the most basic of medical needs, you're going to have deaths caused by common illnesses. And Carol's reaction to kill the infected to try to contain the disease? Makes perfect sense. She's a desperate woman who took the only action she saw to protect her new family. I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing.

Now, a quick recap of who we lost the last half season, then we'll scoot onto what I expect to happen before we end this season. Buckle up and I'll take you for a short ride down memory lane. We lost a lot of people, but since I'm not one in the habit of memorializing all the red shirts, we'll just hit up my favorites.

Carol. Yes, I wanted Carol to die. I still do. What I didn't want is a cheap, easy way to get rid of her. If one or two of the scattered survivors don't run into her, then I give up. Carol needs to come back like right stat now. Her just being sent away gives us no closure. I really hope Tyreese and the kids run into her. He's going to need her help with the children, especially with those sharp shooting sisters.

Martinez. His death was definitely one of the best. While I loved the brutality in the comic of Rick running him down and choking the life from him, the Governor's mental breakdown/murder was amazing. The "I don't want it" an echo of when the Governor told Rick during their sit down that he didn't want to be the leader, was a nice touch. That phrase combined with such a hardcore, hands on murder left quite an impression. Martinez learned the lesson that relaxation in the zompocalypse leads to death in the hardest way possible.

New Penny. I hated this kid so bad, I never even learned her name. I always called her "New Penny." I have never wanted a fictional child (except for Judith) to die more than I wanted to see this kid become zombie dinner. I am so sick and tired of the "shitty mom" story line that the show keep falling back on. Can we have a mother who actually loves her child/children enough to actually parent? Every episode I was practically screaming, "Why can't she die already?" A close call while running on the road because the child was too "traumatized" to run. Another while playing hide and seek. You think this would make her mom stay close to her? Not in walker world! Instead her stupid ass mom was on top of an RV several yards away. When that walker came up out of the mud, Spike and I both yelled "FINALLY!" I just wish her mother would have died too, because that kind of stupidity doesn't allow you to survive long in a land of the dead.

The Governor/Phillip Blake/Brian Heriot/Who Ever He Really Was. The Gov dying in the raid on the prison was golden. (I'm also beyond happy that they actually had the tank for the final prison raid. I'm even happier that it was Daryl that killed the tank, cause that's totally badass and such a Daryl thing to do.) The fact that his woman had to put him down was a nice touch. I knew the Governor would die this season, but I didn't think it would happen until after the break. Having it happen so soon just proves that the rest of the season has some wonderfully fucked up things in store for us.

Hershel. I cried like a baby. Seeing everyone's favorite farming veterinarian-turned-doctor getting his head hacked off was definitely traumatizing. I have a couple of issues with his death. No, the issues aren't with how he suffered comic Tyreese's death. The issues are with the prison survivors just letting it happen. If a man I knew was a murdering bastard held a katana to my dad's throat, I'm going to start shooting before that asshole gets a chance to swing that sword. "But what if they shot Hershel by accident?" That's a good question. What if they accidentally shot hershel? Wouldn't you agree that getting shot by accident is a better death than getting your neck hacked at by a man who doesn't know shit about swinging a sword? I'm also pissed he died before he could perform the marriage ceremony for Maggie and Glenn. That was one of my favorite parts in the books.The one thing I did like was that the Gov followed Hershel and finished the job. Kept our beloved advisor from suffering any longer and showed the Gov's dedication to his madness.

Baby Judith. Yes, I'm hoping she's dead. That was a lot of blood to not have been Judith's. If she's alive, then I give up on this show. She's not needed alive for the plot. Her death is a critical growth point for both Rick and Carl. To keep her alive just complicates survival and takes away from that drive her dad and brother need. I think the kids undid the car seat straps because they thought they could carry her easier to go get the guns. When they saw (or rather felt) how heavy she is, they sat her back down with the intentions of coming back to get her. Instead they came back to the walkers feasting on her so they ran. If she's still alive, then it's a huge plot hole and there's no reasonable explanation for all the blood in her car seat.

I'm still not making predictions on this season. There's just too much that could happen, but I do have a few ideas of what could go down.
•Someone(s) run into Carol and she saves their asses.
•A major character death. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Daryl, but I think they're keeping him around for, at least, one more season. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was Sasha or Tyreese. I know it won't be Michonne, Carl or (of course) Rick.
• Carl gets shot through the eye and maybe loses all faith in Rick (for a while).

Also, I'm pumped for the introduction of Abraham.

Disclaimer: No person, thing, book, show, movie, character, or zombie mentioned in this post in any way, shape, or form, asked me to write this or gave me any compensation to write this. I jacked all images from Google image search or Twitter and just assumed they fell under the Public Domain Usage thingy. Please don't sue, I'm broke anyways. I just wanted to share my Walking Dead obsession with Bloggywood! While I was not offered anything to write this, I will be more than happy to receive any swag you may want to send my way.

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